Kylie Kylie Kylie!

The world did not end at all last Saturday at 6 pm. It was probably the biggest non-news last weekend. It’s okay because I had such an amazing weekend.

Friday night was all about Kylie at the Hollywood Bowl. This was her second concert in Los Angeles and I was so happy that I can go to this one. Her show, Aphrodite Live, was amazing! I always knew that Kylie Minogue can put on a great shows, but never knew it was this awesome. Since Kylie is not as popular in the United States (damn Americans!), the audience at the Hollywood Bowl made up of her core fans, the fabulous gays. I think we were the only handful of straight couples there because everyone there were gay. I was probably the only 2% of females there. No line for the restroom! Yes!

I totally love the show. There were so much energy, everyone was dancing and singing along. She did a fan request which was “Locomotion” and it was just so fun singing along! This is the only concert where I knew all the songs. Seeing Kylie live was worth the money spent on the tickets. Next time, I am paying more for the tickets. I want a better seat next time! It was also worth the trek uphill from Hollywood & Highland to the Bowl. Kylie should do a permanent show in Las Vegas. Forget about Celine Dion, I want Kylie Minogue! Wishful thinking.


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