Good Job, New York!

It was exciting to learned about New York passing the  Marriage Equality Act last Friday. I am all for equality for everyone because that just seems fair. If a gay or lesbian couple wants to get marry, let them do it. Will the world going to end? Not very likely. The people who are against same-sex marriages make it seems like it would be a total social disaster. I think those people should just let it go. There is no point arguing that marriages should only belong to straight people. In the end, there will be a federal bill that allow same-sex marriages in the future. It might not happen right away, but it’s coming soon. Good job, NY governor Andrew Cuomo for legalizing same-sex marriage on June 24, 2011.

I only wish that President Obama is more like Gov. Cuomo. I don’t understand why Obama is supportive of most gay rights, but not same-sex marriage. I think that is fucked up. I don’t care that his administration is saying he’s “evolving” in his opinion for same-sex marriage. That is total bullshit. To me, “evolving” just means he is wishy washy. All I see is that he is on his reelection campaign and doesn’t want to risk losing his more social conservative voters. It’s always politics. Yes we can, my ass. If he wants change, he should just legalize same-sex marriage in a federal level than just letting the states decide.

Anyway, it’s also sad that California haven’t legalize same-sex marriage and we have a Democrat-controlled government. New York passed it and they are run by Republicans. Boggles the mind!


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