I Love Elmo

I have a new obsession. It’s my happy obsession. I watched any video clips of Elmo, the red furry monster from Sesame Street, over and over again. It started about two weeks ago and it had to do with the last space shuttle launch. Elmo’s Facebook and his Twitter posted pictures of him around the Kennedy Space Center along with some short video clips. Pictures and video clips are so very cute. Then I started searching for more Elmo stuff which led to finding out about his puppeteer, Kevin Clash, have a new documentary out called “Being Elmo”. Next thing I knew, I’m looking for clips of any Q&A sessions that Kevin Clash did for “Being Elmo” where he bring Elmo out. It’s fascinating to watch Kevin does his Elmo thing because I really forget that he is there performing Elmo. I just have my eyes on Elmo being a cute little 3 1/2 year old monster. When Elmo is off Sesame Street, he becomes this little almost naughty and funny monster. I just loved it! I like it when Elmo is cute and naughty. It’s just different when he is on Sesame Street where he is very sweet and not naughty.

I definitely want to see “Being Elmo” whenever it is out in wide release or out in DVD. It’s all about Kevin Clash and how he became an awesome puppeteer. From what I read, it is a sweet, simple, and fascinating look on Clash’s life as a puppeteer. He was one of those kids that have an incredible creative mind with very supportive parents and just live out his dreams. I also love how Elmo became Elmo. It was Clash who made Elmo so famous just because he was in a break room at the right time when one of the puppeteers tossed him a red Muppet to him and challenged him to find a voice for it.

Anyway, Elmo is my obsession. He makes me happy.


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