College Thoughts Pt. 2

I totally missed the deadline to submit my CSUF application to transfer for spring 2012. Apparently, the last day to submit it was on August 31. I didn’t find that out until couple of weeks later. I should have submit that application when I completed it. Dumb me. For some reason, I thought I have until October to submit it. I found out that October is to submit applications for fall of 2012. This time, I am going to submit that application on October 1. And pay the $55 application fee. I’m still kicking myself for being a lazy ass.

I don’t know what I’m going to do next spring. Haven’t decide if I should take a course at Cypress College to pass the time or take a vacation from school. Maybe I should just take a break and read a lot of books. The tuition is getting high at Cypress College. It’s now $36 per unit. It was $26 per unit last semester. There was a time when it was $20. I hate the state budget cuts. It’s definitely affecting CSUF big time, the raising tuition hikes are making students further into debt. I think I should just read tons of books next spring and hang out with my dog more. Save some money for CSUF.


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