Last Final Ever at Cypress College

Just took my last final at Cypress College. I’m happy that it’s over for me. No more community college. I’m finally going to get my Associate’s degree in Business Administration! Yay! One chapter closed and another chapter open in my long winded high education road. New chapter will be transferring to Cal State Fullerton. I’m excited for it. It is weird that I am finally going to an university ten years after I graduated from high school. That what happened when I decided to enlist for the US Army Reserve in high school even though I applied to few colleges. I really took a way different route than most of my peers. It’s okay because I felt that I had more interesting life experiences. Not the most glamorous, but definitely interesting.

Anyway, I really liked going to Cypress College. It’s a great community college. The campus is lovely with that nice pond. And they have one of the better parking lots. I took one semester at Fullerton College (sister campus to Cypress College) and it wasn’t the best experience. Parking was horrible because they have the structured parking lot and it can get really packed. Fullerton College is a lot closer to my place, so it was easier to get there. Didn’t have to take the freeway. Fullerton College just wasn’t Cypress College. I don’t know. I guess I didn’t connect to Fullerton the way I did with Cypress. Weird, right?

So, no more Cypress College. It’s now all about Cal State Fullerton. I might take another long time getting my Bachelor’s at CSUF. You know, with all the state budget cuts and tuition increases. Oh well. I’ll see what happens.


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