How I Spent Christmas Day

Nothing really special happened during Christmas. I went up to Big Bear Lake with my cousin and my dog. It was mandatory to drive up to Big Bear because we were having a semi family gathering. My uncle rented a condo for the weekend and invited a bunch of relatives to stay over. I didn’t want to spend my entire long weekend with my relatives, so I only went up on Christmas Day. The condo he rented sucked major ass. It was dated and very tiny. There would be over twenty people in that condo for the Taiwanese style hot pot dinner later that night. The worst part of the condo was the stink. It smelled like old carpet and feet in there. The carpet probably wasn’t clean for a long time because my dog spent his entire time smelling the carpet and looking for food crumbs. He’s a very food motivated kind of dog. My boy cousins spent most of their time watching a NBA game (Lakers vs Bulls) while I was there. They apparently went snowboarding earlier in the morning. The only nice part of the condo was the balcony. It had a nice views of the mountain and the ski resort. The crisp and clean mountain air was a major plus.

My cousin who went with me didn’t want to stay that long in the condo. She could smelled the smelliness of the condo through her congested nostril. It must be bad if she could smell that stink. We left after maybe fifteen minutes in that condo. No idea how the people staying in the condo could stand the smell. Maybe they got used to it.

So, we went down to the Village and walked around there for a bit. I had to get a photo taken of my dog wearing his Christmas gift in the snow. A request by my friend who gave my dog a Santa costume. My uncle called us and asked where and what what we were doing. He said to come back for dinner. We ended up not staying for dinner. By the time we got back to the condo, it was already past four o’clock. We assumed that they would be preparing for the hot pot dinner. Nope. Nothing. Half of the group was playing foosball and the other half was comatose in front of the TV. We told one of our cousins there that we were leaving and we couldn’t stay for dinner. When we were getting back to my car, my uncle woke up from his nap when our cousin told him that we were leaving. He sort of tried to stop us from leaving. My cousin was already sick with a cold told our uncle that she didn’t bring her cold medicine and wasn’t feeling that well. He relented and let us go. He wished us a merry Christmas and was saying hello to my dog. My dog, for some reason, started barking at him.

It took us about an hour to get off that mountain. There was traffic most of the way down. My cousin and I were wondering how they are going to serve the hot pot dinner. The dinner table that was in the condo was pretty small. Maybe for eight people. We figure it will be like the survival of the fittest, trying to get some food from the hot pot. The dinner probably didn’t start until after eight. We would be starving if we have stay there. I think our dinner was better than the hot pot dinner. We went to Rowland Heights to get some Chinese food to go. Ended up at my place and totally demolished the food. Probably the best food I ever ate for Christmas. Then again, I was really hungry and everything taste good when you’re starving.

Andy wearing his Santa suit. Adorable.

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