Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue 2012: Boring

Hey look, it’s the Vanity Fair’s annual Hollywood Issue and the cover was shot by Mario Testino!

This is such a boring cover. When I first saw it, I only had a meh reaction to it. The fact that it was Mario Testino who photographed the cover made it from meh to disappointing. He could have done a better job at it. Make it more colorful. Less pastels, more jewel tone? I don’t know. The cover is just one color to me. Mostly white, creatively and literally. I think this cover is kind of scaring me. They all looked like those mannequins that I see at the department stores. I don’t see a natural flow in this photo. Probably the least interesting Hollywood Issue cover that I’ve seen. At least last year’s cover, it was sort of naturalish and had more colors that popped out.


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