Formally Accepted

I officially accepted my admission to Cal State Fullerton. Now, I have to do several requirements before I can register for classes in the Fall. Registration starts in July, so I have time to finish these requirements. I have to take an ethics quiz before I can see an advisor in the Business Advising Center. Since I am accepted into Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, I’m a MCBE student. Sounds like a computer programming acronyms. Anyway, I have some ethics readings to do before I can take the quiz. Must get a score of 12 points or higher to pass the quiz. Once I passed the quiz, I have to print the results and bring it with me when I see an advisor. I also have to bring a TDA (Titan Degree Audit) and unofficial transcripts from my community colleges. That’s a lot of paperworks to bring to see an advisor. Well, it’s mandatory and I shouldn’t complain about it.

Also, I have to see another advisor about the General Education requirements at the Academic Advisement Center.  It’s not an requirement, but I still have to see an advisor about what GE classes I need to take. Another mandatory requirement is to attend a Transfer Student Orientation. I don’t think I will be driving to campus for these advisement and orientation. I will be walking to campus. No way am I paying $8 to park at the parking structure just for a day.

It is really weird being an upper division transfer student to a Cal State ten years after graduating from high school. Most of my high school classmates are done with their Bachelor’s and are probably working on their Master’s. Maybe a few of them are working on their doctorate degree. Who knows, but maybe. I guess I am a late bloomer.


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