Officially a Titan

Last Saturday, which was April 14, I went to my new university for their Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day. It started at 8 am and ended around 1:30 in the afternoon. Since the event was free and I haven’t been on the actual campus before (only driven by it many times before), I decided to go and check it out. I was debating with myself if I should walk there or drive and park at the school. My house is less than a mile away from the campus. In the end, I drove over there and it was a good decision. I was walking around the campus the entire morning and I was dead tired by the time it was over.

Anyway, it was my very first time visiting CSUF and I was surprised on the huge size of the campus. Just driving by the university on Nutwood Ave, State College Blvd, or Yorba Linda Blvd, it really doesn’t look very big. Looks are deceiving. The campus is huge and surprisingly very pretty. This open house event was more for the prospective freshmen students than for the transfer students. It was still a great event. There were workshops and a resource fair. The resource fair was a great source of information. Each colleges have their own booths near their building, and I was able to talk to some of faculty about the concentrations offer for business major. I learned the difference between an Economics degree and a concentration in Business Economics. Not much differences, Business Economics concentration have to take three additional classes.

The Mihaylo Hall is especially gorgeous. It is one of the newer building on campus. They have Starbucks on the first floor. The lobby area is freaking beautiful. Like this is a college? I wish I took pictures of the college, but I forgot. An alumni donated something around $30 million dollars to the school, so they built a new building for the business and economics majors. And the school named the college after the generous donor, Steven G. Mihaylo College of Business and Economics. That’s awesome.

 Titan Tent. That tent was fully packed. All the stragglers have to stand outside.
 The windowless library. Pollak Library South wing.
The brand new dining hall. Right across from the dorms.
The newly built dorms. CSUF now have around 1,900 beds for freshmen students. Not bad at all. They used to have about 900 beds before.
Titan Shop. They actually sell Hello Kitty theme clothes for CSUF. Omg.
Look, there Tuffy Titan the elephant!

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