Second Thoughts

Not sure why I am having second thoughts about going to Cal State Fullerton this fall. It’s like I am back in high school all over again. Is this a good choice? Should I have transfer to somewhere else? Why did I choose a CSU instead of UC? Maybe I should have apply to a private university due to the state budget cuts? I shouldn’t be having second thoughts. I was thrilled when I was accepted to Cal State Fullerton. This is the school I want to transfer to and finish my bachelor’s. CSUF have a great business program. It is a good school. The bonus is the campus is less than a mile away from my house! I bought my house because it was close to CSUF campus and the freeway. So, I should not be having any second thoughts. I’ve already accepted my admission and did most of my requirements prior to the transfer student orientation. I am ready to go.

But, I’m having doubts. The main reason is the the state budget cuts and what it might do to the CSU. I was lucky enough to get accepted for the Fall 2012 because now they are freezing enrollment for the Spring 2013 and possibly wait listing the first-time freshmen/transfer students for Fall 2013. I’m wondering if the quality of the education will be lacking. They’re cutting classes and teachers, but raising the tuition. It’s hard to know right now since I haven’t register for any classes. I will have to see later this year. I really have to remind myself that going to CSUF is a good choice for me. I can work full-time and still able to go to school since they do offer more evening classes. Mihaylo College is a great business college. I don’t have to worry about any lower division classes since I am done with it. All upper division from now on. CSUF might not have the prestige as UC, but who gives a fuck in this economy. It is still a damn good university.


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