Transfer students orientation was on Wednesday which happened to be on the hottest day of the week. I signed up for the half-day and was thinking of attending the veteran students orientation after it. That didn’t happen. Once the orientation was over, I was ready to leave. Orientation reminded me of the briefings I used to attend back in my Army days. Long and a bit boring. There were useful information that was in the orientation. The whole thing was generally boring.

Probably the most exciting thing that happened was the fire alarm. It was around 9 am, everyone was checked in and the orientation was going to begin. Just when the lady was welcoming us, the fire alarm went off. She had everyone leave the big pavilion that is inside Titan Student Union building and go outside to the increasingly warm morning sun. There wasn’t any big rush to get outside. Everyone was strolling along and chit chatting. We waited outside for maybe five minutes until it was all clear. Those few minutes outside felt like a long time. It was seriously hot. Reminded me of Kuwait when it would hit 80 degrees at nine in the morning. We went back inside and the orientation started. Surprisingly, it went as scheduled. We didn’t have to stay over longer or anything.

Orientation was a two parter. First part was the general information of CSUF for everyone else. Second part, they broke us up into our own colleges for specific major information. My college, Mihaylo College, is the biggest college in CSUF. We get to stay in the big pavilion while everyone else went to different locations. I remember that my butt was getting numb from sitting on those uncomfortable chairs. I was so happy when it was done. I went directly to the Pollak Library to get my Titan Card after the orientation. Didn’t feel like going to the veteran students orientation at all. After I got my Titan Card, I went straight to my car. Well, I made a detour to get an iced tea because it was so damn HOT outside. Then I went home and chilled with Andy.


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