October Updates

Been awhile since I last updated my blog. Over two months now. Summer past and it’s now autumn. Still doesn’t really feel like autumn since the weather is warm. There was a heatwave last weekend. Seriously. Over a hundred degree. It was crazy hot.

I’m more than a month in my first fall semester at CSUF. Taking three classes is a bit hectic. I wish I don’t have to work full-time, so I can take more classes and be focus on my studies. Faster to graduate, too. Nope, not the case for me. Must work for the mortgage and the bills. Anyway, two classes are on campus and one class is entirely online.

My three classes that I am taking are:

BUAD 301 Advanced Business Communication (Saturday morning class)
ISDS 361A Probability & Statistics (Thursday night class)
PHYS 301 Energy & Sustainability (Online class)

BAUD 301 and ISDS 361A are requirements that I have to take before I can take any other upper division business major classes. PHYS 301 is my first upper division GE class. Two more upper division GE classes and I’m done with the general education requirement. Anyway, I think my physics class is really interesting since it is all about being energy efficient and how energy works. There is a bit science to it which can be over my head sometimes, but I like the social issues part of it.

Advanced business writing class just feels like a sequel to the business writing that I took at Cypress College. It’s more about reading the cases from the casebook and shredding it apart. Then analyze it to write a case report for it. There also learning how to write a press release, which is very formulaic. I didn’t get a good grade on my in-class writing exam on press release though. I didn’t have a quote for my second paragraph (how am I was going to find a quote from HK Disneyland case?!), I was too vague, and I wrote my supporting evidences in the first paragraph instead of the third paragraph. I hope I can do a bit better for my second in-class writing exam. This time it is to write a case analysis. Only one page. It is difficult to write only one page with 1 inch margins all around.

What I like about my probability and statistics class is that the professor likes teaching us the functions on Excel. So much easier. I rather not do the long way and just use the functions on the Excel since Excel is dominant in the workplace. I thought this class will be really hard, but it’s not that hard. I think it is physics that I have a harder time and it is probably because it is all done online. I hope I don’t have a breakdown.


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