Spring 2013 Enrollment

These are the classes I am going to take for the Spring 2013 semester

ANTH 321 – Peoples of Native North America

ASAM 320 – Asian-American Creative Expression

ISDS 361B – Quantitative Business Analysis: Statistics & Management Science

I was originally going to take two classes, but decided against it. The housing money from the GI Bill is really nice. That extra money helps out a lot with my credit card bills. In order to receive the housing money, I must enroll as a full-time student, which is 7 or more units at CSUF. So, these three classes make me a full-time student at 9 units. Thanks goodness six of those units are entirely online.
The online classes are the upper-division GE classes, ANTH 321 and ASAM 320, and it will fulfill my general education requirements at CSUF. No more GE classes after the Spring semester! Just business admin/business economic classes. Since the GE classes are online, I feel that it will be somewhat easier on my schedule. I like online classes because of the flexibility and I don’t have to meet on-campus.
ISDS 361B will definitely be my hardest class. ISDS 361A is already my hardest class in this Fall semester. That class is no joke. I hoping to pass ISDS 361A with a C or higher. Maybe if I study like crazy, I can get a B. Anyway, I’m taking the same professor for ISDS 361B. I will be so glad when this business major requirement for ISDS is over.

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