I should take Andy to the vet for a check up soon. It is time for him and he been acting a bit odd lately  due to his aging process. He is afraid to go down the top stairs by himself and I would have to give him a gentle push to help him out. Once in a while, Andy would go down the stairs by himself. I think it might be his vision problems since he does have cataract. Beside the stairs, he actually peed inside the house three times. Recently was about an hour ago. I think this is my fault because he did let me know that he wanted to go outside and I ignored him. This is what I get for being lazy about walking him. Andy knew what he did was wrong because he was sulking for a bit. I did take him outside once I cleaned up his accident. I don’t want another accident. Must be more diligent about walking him.

I know he’s getting older. He have been with me since February of 2010. Three years already. I am hoping that I get five more years with him. Maybe not realistic. Okay, at least three more years. He is 11 or 12 years old now.


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