Month of May & Rant

How is it the month of May already?! Spring semester is almost at the end. One more big essay to write and then it is finals week. The final stretch. Pretty soon, I will be saying goodbye to 28 and hello to 29. When did I get this old? Mother’s Day is on the same day as my birthday. It’s weird seeing my birth date all over the place on the advertisements.

I dislike going to work now. The time I am getting to work is getting later and later. If this was a different workplace, I would definitely be getting some kind of warning for my tardiness. Then again, if this was a different workplace, I would actually getting to work on time.

The main problem is that my uncles are the worst managers. They really do not know how to run and manage a business. One uncle is just plain dumb and nothing stick in his head. He’s just annoying. The other one, supposedly the smarter one, he micro-manage everything and want to get involve with anythings even though he insists he is not involved. It is this “smarter” uncle that I am having major issues with and  why I hate going to work. He complains about his salespeople and yet he let them get away with everything. His salespeople are the laziest salespeople because they know they don’t have to do anything since the boss will take care of everything. It’s pathetic how much he baby his salespeople. And then there is JJ, the most pathetic and useless executive assistant in existence. If I get started with this piece of shit of a human being, it will become a book.


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