World Cup: South Korea vs Algeria

“The policy of being too cautious is the greatest risk of all.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

I came across this quote on Twitter. It’s funny because I read this quote while watching the World Cup match between South Korea and Algeria. At the time, Algeria had 3 goals and South Korea had zero.

I don’t watch sports much and I have a rudimentary knowledge on it. What I know about soccer (football to those international sports fans) is that it is a game of strategy involving passing the ball around the pitch using the feet or the head. The ultimate goal of soccer is to get the ball inside the net and the more times the ball get inside the net, the better. What’s frustrating about watching soccer is that the ball hardly goes inside the net because a good goalkeeper will keep blocking the ball. The strategic part of the game is figuring out a plan to get that ball pass the goalkeeper.

That was the problem I saw with the South Korean team, they seemed to played the game too cautiously against Algeria. What I saw was that Algeria had a strategy in place and they used strong tactics to achieved it. They wanted to continued on to the next round in the World Cup since the last time they did that was back in 1982. Team Algeria did not play cautiously. They made sure to get the ball away from their opponents and to score goals, which they did four times. What I also saw was a team playing well together. The South Korean players, however, didn’t seemed to play that well together. Obviously, there is a player who is probably a star player since he seemed to hogged the ball a lot. It was such a contrast to Algeria. Nehru’s words were true for South Korea.

South Korea eventually got two goals, but it only happened in the second half of the game when the time was coming close to the end. Their second goal was a lucky shot. It wasn’t supposed to play like that, but it just happened that player was there and had a good reflex to deflect the ball into the net. From my perspective, South Korea could have play strong like Algeria throughout the match because I saw that during the second half the game. They were attacking Algeria and getting the ball away from them. It was too bad that they couldn’t score another goal. Their coach didn’t looked that happy.

It’s funny how a quote from Nehru, the first prime minister of independent India, can also apply to a soccer match in the World Cup. Also, this is the first time I wrote something about sports. World Cup fever, I suppose.


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