Summer Air

Summer is here. It means fireworks and BBQ. Disneyland is about 8 miles from my house and I can somewhat see the fireworks at night. Around 9:20 at night, I can hear the boom boom from the fireworks inside my house. There were few times when I drove on the 5 freeway near Disneyland during the fireworks show, and the freeway would be filled with smoke. It is a bit dangerous because of the smoke, but at the same time it is amazing to look at the fireworks up close. Summer also means Fourth of July which means there are even more fireworks. Legal and illegal fireworks lighting up the night summer skies.

Summer have the perfect weather for BBQ. The air would be filled with the  scent of grilled meats. It’s not just hot dogs and hamburgers here in southern California, but carne asada, tortillas, pollo asado, and galbi. It seems that everyone here own some sort of grill. From the low-end to high-end built-in outdoor kitchen. Even I own a grill which I only used a couple of times. It’s a Wolf grill that I won in a drawing few years ago. Whenever I begin to smell BBQ frequently, I know it is summertime.


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