One Shot Vodka Machine

Want to know my automated retail fantasy?

A machine that vend out a shot of vodka. Yes, only vodka. It tastes good when mixed in with juices or sodas. This machine would have a touch screen to easily pick a vodka shot to buy. There would be different variety of vodkas available, sorted by which regions they are produced. All the customer have to do is pick a vodka, choose how many shots (1 to 3 shots), and wait for the machine to dispense. The container for the vodka shots would be in a small glass that looks similar to a shot glass with a sealed lid on top. Each glass container  comes in different sizes according to the shots. A small for 1 shot, medium for 2 shots, and large for 3 shots.

A vending machine that offers vodka shots would be one of my wishes come true. It comes in handy whenever I need something extra in my drink especially when the day is crazy.

Does Japan have this kind of vending machine available?


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