He loves numbers. It makes complete sense to him. Everything in life have to do with mathematics. In his world, there is no such thing as the grey area. It’s either this or that.

That is the reason why he have a hard time finding a girlfriend. None of his relationships ever went over two weeks. He is too honest, sometimes brutally honest. It’s very unromantic-like.

He wants to be with someone, but the person have to be similar like him. Someone who can understand him and don’t mind his brutal honesty. If he can find that person, he would stay with that special person for infinity.

Weekly writing challenge: Fifty-Words Inspiration

Inspired from “On the Importance of Not Being Literal” by Standing Ovation, Seated

Decade is a period of ten years.
Century is a period of one hundred years.
Millennium is a period of one thousand years.
“Together forever” lasts a fortnight.

That is, statistically.
That is, in about 90% of cases.

That is also why romantic mathematicians are so hard to come by!


11 thoughts on “Elliot”

  1. I liked the flaw of the hero being that he is brutally honest, such a challenge to relationships that too much truth can cause pain! I enjoyed your post.

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