Jjapaguri, a sort of recipe

Jjapaguri 7

For the past several weeks, I was binge watching the first season of a Korean variety/reality show called “Appa Odiga” or “Dad, Where Are We Going?” with English subtitles. It’s about five celebrity dads and their child going on overnight trips to rural villages in South Korea, sometimes camping outdoors, without the moms. The kids are between 5 to 8 years old (American age), so they are super cute and they said the funniest things. The whole thesis of the show is to have Korean fathers who are always busy working to spend quality time with their child and in the process to have a closer relationships.

What I enjoy watching is how the kids genuinely react to any scripted scenarios. They would go on a mission such as going to the market to buy ingredients, asking for food around the houses in the village, or going on a treasure hunt. How they handle their missions, and the way they interact with each other and adults are funny to watch. Obviously, the stars of the show are the five little kids.

During the overnight trips, the dads have to cook their own breakfast and dinner for their kids. Sometimes, to make it more fun, they have cooking competitions among the dads to see who can cook a dish that the kids like the best.  On one of the trips, the dads and kids went camping on ice during the winter time, which is one of my favorite episodes (so many hi-jinks!),  and they did a cooking competition. Most of the dads did real cooking with actual ingredients except for one dad who took two brands of Korean ramen and mixed it together. Instant food! As a result, he won the cooking competition because the kids simply love his ramen especially this little boy, Yoon Hoo, the resident foodie.

yoon hoo appa odiga eating Jjapaguri
Yoon Hoo eating that jjapaguri deliciously

The two brands of Korean ramen that the dad used are Jjapageti (Chapagetti)  and Neoguri. When combining these two ramens together, it become “Jjapaguri”. Jjapageti  is dry black bean noodle and Neoguri is a spicy seafood udon soup.

How to make jjapaguri is ridiculously simple to do. Get two packs of Jjapageti  and Neoguri instant noodles from the local Asian/Korean market. Take a pot out, put enough water in it, boil the water, add the two dried noodles along with the dried veggies, and cook it for around four minutes. Drain the noodles, but keep half cup of the water. Put the drained noodles back into the pot and put in the seasoning from Jjapageti, a little bit of the spicy seasoning from Neoguri, and the oil from Jjapageti. Add the reserved water and mix everything together. Ta-da! Jjapaguri is done!

Jjapageti  chapagetti neoguri ramen
Step 1: Buy Jjapageti (Chapagetti) and Negouri at the Asian market.
Jjapageti neoguri boiled water
Step 2: Boil the water and put in the dried noodles. Don’t forget to add the dried vegetables.
cooking ramen noodle Jjapageti neoguri
Step 3: Cook the noodles and vegetables for around 4 minutes. Stir it around for a bit.
drained ramen Jjapageti neoguri
Step 4: Drain the ramen, but keep half cup of the water. Put the drained ramen back into the pot.
seasoning Jjapageti neogrui
Step 5: Add the entire Jjapageti seasoning packet and the oil packet. Add a little bit of the Neoguri seasoning depending on how spicy you want it. Want it really spicy? Dump in the entire Neoguri packet. Start mixing the ramen together.
mixing ramen Jjapageti neoguri
Step 6: Keeping mixing the ramen. Almost done.
Step 7: All done! Jjapaguri is here!

Jjapaguri was actually tasty and delicious. It was sweet, but a little spicy. Next time, I would add a bit more of the spicy seasoning to give it more of a kick. I won’t make Jjapaguri all the time since it is not that healthy to eat, but I will make it again in the future. It is ridiculously easy to make, less than ten minutes to make Jjapaguri.

healthy Jjapaguri
I made my Jjapaguri a little healthier by adding some seasoned spinach and bean sprouts.



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