It was in Sedona, Arizona. We were looking for a particular hiking trail since it is one of the popular trails in Sedona. Even though we followed the map of hiking trails locations, we just could not find it. Somehow we ended up on a reservation and we didn’t think this trail is located on the reservation. This was the time (2008) before I owned an iPhone, so we were truly lost.

We followed the road back to where we were coming from and we noticed another hiking trail that is off the road. Since we came to Sedona to hike and see the scenery, we decided to stopped at this hiking trail instead. It wasn’t the one we planned to go, but it will do. What we didn’t realize at the time that it was one of the most strenuous hikes that we took during our stay in Sedona. It didn’t look difficult when looking at it. This hiking trail is known as Bear Mountain.

Bear Mountain looks easy peasy

Even though we got lost looking for the original hiking destination, we ended up on a different hiking trail that gave us a memorable experience. It turned out that this was our favorite hike in Sedona. We worked our way up to the top and it was not easy for us who were inexperienced hikers. Don’t ever hike in jeans. We felt triumphant once we reached the top and the hard work getting up there was rewarded with a gorgeous scenery. Getting lost is not so bad sometimes.

Breathtaking views from Bear Mountain



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