World Cup: USA vs Belgium

I was not into the World Cup in the beginning. It didn’t interest me until that one game when I learned USA won a game over Ghana. I thought to myself, I should really check it out and see what this World Cup is all about. So, the first game that I saw was South Korea vs Algeria, the match before USA vs Portugal game. I even wrote a post about it. After that Sunday, watching the two soccer games, I got hooked. I wanted USA to win the World Cup, a far fetch idea, but I can dream about it. I even watched the game of disappointment between USA vs Germany at work because I so badly wanted my team to win. It was luck that USA was able to moved on to the knockout round against Belgium, thanks to Portugal winning their game over Ghana.

While USA vs Germany was a disappointing game to watch, this game between USA and Belgium was extremely stressful to watch. For ninety minutes, the game was scoreless that it went into extra time. There were a lot of close calls that gave me minor heart attacks. Obviously, the US team does not have good defensive skills (needs major improvement). They relied too much on Tim Howard to saved their butts. Tim Howard might be the super human who had 16 saves in this game, the most saves in recorded World Cup history, but the man is still human after all. It was becoming clear that this game wasn’t USA vs Belgium, it was Tim Howard vs Belgium.

I can go on about how USA can’t defend their own ball and such, but Belgium is a better team. They are technically better than USA. Although USA lost the game to Belgium, 2-1, it was a well fought game. Belgium was forced to play for 120 minutes in order to win this game. It wasn’t an easy victory. They did well.

The US team did a lot better than expected. They made it to the knockout round when everyone thought they would be eliminated during the group matches. They didn’t make it easy for Belgium to win the game. I was impressed by Tim Howard, he is as the best goalkeeper in the World Cup. He is definitely the Wall. Nothing got past him except for those two goals. He saved 16 out of 18, a legendary performance! We also saw the younger players on the US team played extremely well, looking at you DeAndre Yedlin and Julian Green. They are the future of US men’s national team and I hope they will play in 2018 World Cup. Take USA all the way to the finals! Imagine if USA won the World Cup. Heads would explode.

Good game though, USA and Belgium. Even though I was stressed out and my stomach turned into knots. On to the quarterfinals!

Bow down to Tim Howard (Credit: ESPN)

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