Party time?

First of all, it’s 4th of July, happy birthday America! My neighbors have already started celebrating it early last night. Setting off fireworks and firecrackers, which scared me since I wasn’t expecting it. I assume it is going to be even crazier tonight. It is USA’s 238th birthday since gaining independence from Great Britain.

My birthday was about two months ago in May when I turned 30. I’m not a big party person. I like to keep it quiet. As I get older, I want less attention on my birthday. I don’t see the need for a big celebration. It’s another reminder that I’m not young anymore. A birthday party for me means going out to dinner, eating delicious food, and drinking something alcoholic. No need for cake since I’m not a big cake person. American cakes are too sweet for my taste buds (looking at you, Costco cakes). Just take me to a homemade ice cream shop and I’m a happy birthday girl. An even better birthday dinner would be going to a Korean BBQ place and drink few shots of soju.

I am not a people person. I don’t mind socializing with people, but it can be exhausting. That is probably why I don’t like having big parties. Too many stress and exhaustion. A small party is fine with me. Just keep it low-key.


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