Day after 4th of July

Must wake up. The morning sun is too bright. What happened last night? Last thing I remember was the neighbors setting off fire sparklers. Drank too much sangria. Oh, the dog is barking at me. Must walk the dog. Outside now. The morning air is already warm. It’s going to be a hot day today. Dog is happily walking along and doing his business. Ran into the super friendly neighbor’s cat. Dog ignored the cat and so did the cat to my dog. The cat came up to me instead. She knows that I will pet her. Gave her a good scratch on her bum and she is off on her way doing cat things. Back at home now from the dog walk. What’s for breakfast? Looking inside the refrigerator. I spied a pot of leftover soup. Hmmm, a bowl of soup is a nice way to start the day. It’s seaweed soup with beef. My favorite. This bowl of soup is very delicious. What should I do today? The day is too nice to stay at home. Maybe go to the beach? Yes, the beach sounds ideal. Perfect place to enjoy this sunny beautiful day. It will be nice to lay on a beach towel, do a bit of sunning, and read a few chapters of George R. R. Martin’s A Clash of Kings. Must get ready now. Get the things sorted out and head off to the beach. It will be a good day today. The day after 4th of July.

Inspired from today’s Daily Prompt.


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