Tear Down and Rebuild

Interesting. A mysterious person gave me an inheritance of a dilapidated grand mansion. Money is no issue. What to do with it?

Since it is dilapidated and crumbling-down, I might as well just tear it down. I don’t see the point of keeping it the way it is. It’s better to tear it down and rebuild the mansion. I would reuse the bricks to save some money in construction materials. No need to throw it away. It would be integrated to the new design of the mansion.

Before, I would have love the architecture of the grand mansion and keep it the way it is. It seems romantic. Then I learned how much it cost to maintain it. No way, good-bye old grand mansion. The rebuilt mansion would be in contemporary style and environmentally friendly. The layout would be entirely one story. No two or three stories mansion here. Of course, I would have a feng shui master come to the mansion and feng shuied it. Make sure everything is all balance out and flowing smoothly. Then I will have a beautiful vegetable garden outside, so I can always have tasty vegetables to cook and eat.

A lot of the money would be spent on the kitchen. All the kitchen appliances would high-end, maybe Miele and Subzero/Wolf? Or go Italian with Bertazzoni? It will be a chef’s kitchen with a lot of counter space. I like the look of kitchen with no upper cabinets, it makes the kitchen looks brighter and bigger. No upper cabinets for me since I’m short and I can’t reach that high. I would definitely need to build a large walk-in pantry/storage space to compensate the lack of upper cabinets.

Ahhh, if only this was true. 


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