Can’t Stand Me in Video

Today’s daily prompt is really simple.

I actually don’t like watching myself in a video or hearing my voice in a recording. Despite growing up in southern California for over two decades, I still have a tiny bit of a Taiwanese accent that I can’t seem to get rid of it. I have trouble enunciating some words even though it sounds perfectly fine in my head. My tongue does not agree with my brain. I definitely have an American accent with a twinge of Taiwanese. Even though I don’t like hearing my voice on a recording, I can tolerate it.

Watching myself in a video is impossible. I can’t stand watching myself. I rather look at other people in the video. It makes me uncomfortable when I have to watch myself in the video. I would start critiquing myself and questioning why I am acting like that when I should have done it another way. I tried to avoid the video cameras, but it is almost impossible now since everyone have a smart phone with video recording. This is a bit frustrating. Just don’t show me a video of myself then.


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