After the World Cup

I surprised myself how much I enjoyed watching the World Cup in Brazil. It was great fun watching the games and getting overly emotional about it. I lost count how many times I screamed at my computer screen or have small heart attacks during the USA vs Belgium game. That Tim Howard (U.S. Secretary of Defense) was spectacular! I’m not a sports person, but I am becoming a big fan of soccer.

Soccer ball

Soccer (football to everyone else internationally) is easy to watch and understand except for that confusing offside. I still don’t quite understand the offside rule. Beside being fun to watch, the bonus of watching the World Cup was the good-looking players with nice lean bodies. Soccer players have such great physique. It is just right and perfect. And they have amazing endurance. Some of them refused to stay down despite getting elbowed in the face…looking at you, Schweinsteiger.

Since the World Cup is over and Germany was crowned the champions (boo, I was rooting for Argentina), I am thinking of following this particular sports. I’ve learned that soccer have a lot of different leagues throughout the world and one of the most well-known is the English Premier League. From what I had been told, most of the best soccer players are in the English Premier League. Apparently, the other best players play for Real Madrid or FC Barcelona which is part of the La Liga league.

There is a Buzzfeed quiz about which English Premier League team I should support and it is supposedly legally binding. I took this quiz three times and it told me to support Arsenal. Always the Arsenal. I will have to do some research to see if I really want to support the Arsenal. Quick research tells me that Olivier Giroud, this  fine-looking Frenchman, plays for the Arsenal.

A team that I will definitely be supporting is the LA Galaxy.  Major League Soccer (MLS) still needs more love and support. The main reason I picked LA Galaxy is the close proximity. They are right here at home, so it is a lot easier to watch their games. I should have started following them back when David Beckham was still on the team.

Next year is the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the US women’s national team is a lot better than the men’s. From what I’ve heard, they are ten times better. I should know a lot more about soccer by the time the Women’s World Cup tournament rolls around. Now, I see why soccer is so popular.



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