Remember Summer of 2014?

It’s 2034. Will I remember the songs the radio played twenty years ago in the summer? I assumed that my memories will not be good when I’m 50. Let’s pretend that my memory is still super sharp.

I remembered the radio playing that song constantly during the summer. Over and over again. It was nice to listen to when they first played it, but it got tiring after the millionth time. They even played the remix version which was a bit weird. Doesn’t really fit the music.

The original version of John Legend’s All of Me. It’s not bad for the first few time until the radio overplay it.

The remix of John Legend’s All of Me which was weird to my ears.

The second song from summer of 2014 is Latch by Disclosure featuring Sam Smith. Yes, they also overplay this song. There are times when I have to change the station when they played this song because I don’t want to get tired of it. I think this is the one that I will most likely remember in 2034.

The last song that reminds me of summer of 2014 is Sia’s Chandelier. This one is frequently played on the radio. It is probably bordering to being overplay, but I really like this song. It is bit different to other pop music. Also, it’s Sia.

I don’t know if I will remember these summer songs in 2034. I hope so because I have a feeling the song I will actually remember the most is Ariana Grande’s Problem featuring Iggy Azalea. Ugh, I can’t hide from that song.



4 thoughts on “Remember Summer of 2014?”

  1. I know, right? I loved the song “All of me” when I first heard it but now, it just feels like it’s playing it in slow speed. The song just goes on and on forever. The same thing with “Problem” except I can’t grasp the words or the meaning of the song.

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