Yes to Road Trip Adventure

I haven’t been on an actual road trip as an adult. Last time I’ve been on a road trip was many years ago with my family when I was around 5 or 6 years old. So, if I have the money and time to go a nice and long road trip, I will take that adventure.

First, I will have to get an all wheel drive vehicle. Probably a Subaru. Just to be on a safe side. I mostly want to have an adventure on the western part of the United States and Canada. As it is shown on the map, it looks like I’m taking a circular route.

Starting point is LA and travel north to San Francisco. I have not been to San Francisco for a very long time, so I would do a lot of sightseeing. Then travel up to Portland, Oregon to see the hipster/organic lifestyle. After that, the next stop is at Seattle, Washington. Do more sightseeing and hope it doesn’t rain that much when I am there. Cross the international border to Canada and visit Vancouver. Eat some really delicious Chinese food. The best authentic Chinese food is in Canada. Then travel east to Calgary and do more sightseeing.  Drive south and cross the border back to the States. Next stop is a visit Yellowstone and hope that the super volcano does not erupt. If I am still alive at that point, my next destination is Denver, Colorado and acquire the legal recreational green stuff. Once I am all mellow out, drive the scenic route to Las Vegas. One night in Vegas because there is no need to gamble a lot of money away. Just spend the money on the best buffet there. After Vegas is the drive back home to LA. In my case, back to OC.

I think I would need two weeks to recover from this road trip.


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