Dad, Where Are You Going?

Dad Where Are You Going (Appa Odiga)

Reality shows and little kids are usually not my cup of tea, but I am currently binge-watching a reality show about little kids and their fathers. The first time I watched this South Korean reality show, Dad! Where Are We Going?, was on my local international TV channel. I came across an episode of it one night while channel surfing and it was fun to watch despite the lack of English subtitles. I did a search on the internet about the show and found a site that stream episodes of Dad! Where Are We Going? with English subtitles. Yes, I binge-watched all of season 1 episodes. I also have watched the current episodes so far for season 2. For season 2, most of the latest episodes don’t have English subtitles, so I ended up watching it without it. I wish the people who does the English subtitles can hurry up because I really want to know what the kids are saying.

Dad Where Are You Going (China)

Since I watched the latest episode of Dad! Where Are We Going?, I was having a bit of a withdrawal when I remember that there is a Chinese version. The original Korean version was such a success that a Chinese TV channel bought the rights from the Korean production and it became hugely popular in mainland China. The Chinese version of Dad! Where Are We Going?  is just as cute and fun to watch as the Korean version. It’s the same format with 5 pairs of father/child and going on trips to rural areas in China, doing missions, and learning life lessons. There are obvious cultural and language differences, but everything else are similar. The kids in the Chinese version are the only child in their families, so they are quite spoiled and bratty. I don’t remember the kids in the Korean version throwing a lot of temper tantrums and crying so much. One of the kids, Cindy, cried for three hours straight in the first episode! It was amazing and annoying at the same time. How much water did she drank to cried that long?

Min Guk the crybaby After watching the first eight episodes of the Chinese version of Dad! Where Are We Going?, the kids’ behavior improved with each trips and become less bratty. They are still crybabies though. I remember in the first season of the Korean version that only one kid (Min Guk) was the crybaby of the group. Min Guk was the eldest of the kids and cried the most. He stopped crying so much once he figured out that crying to get things his way was immature. In the Chinese version, three of the kids tend to cry a lot (Cindy, Angela, and Kimi). I was more understanding with Kimi and Angela crying a lot since they are the youngest of the kids at 4 years old. Cindy was frustrating to watch because she is older than the youngest kids at 5 years old Cute Cindy (when she is not crying)and she cry the most out of the kids. It was hard for her dad to reason with her because she refused to listen when she was crying so loudly. Her other bad habit is that when she is crying and notice that no one is paying attention, she gets even more mad and cry even louder (this girl was driving me nuts!). She does cried less in later episodes, but she was the drama queen of crying. I do hope she grew out of that because it was getting tiresome. The older kids, the two boys, Tian Tian and Shi Tou, didn’t cry as much. They mostly throw tantrums when things didn’t go their way. The eldest kid of the group, Shi Tou, doesn’t seem to cry at all, or I don’t remember seeing him cry. He does whined and throw a bit of a temper tantrums to his dad, but overall he’s a good older brother to the younger kids. Angela  Little Princess

I’ve enjoy watching both versions of the show because I like watching the relationship between the father and child. It makes me wish that I have that kind of close relationship with my parents. I’m actually envious that these kids and dads have a good relationship with each other. Each dads have different parenting styles for their kids. It’s not a one size fits all since every kids have different personalities. It’s too bad that the dads in season 1 of the Chinese version are not on season 2; they have brand new set of father and child pairs. They don’t have other kids like in the Korean version where two dads bought their other kids to Dad! Where Are We Going? season 2 trips. Also, in the Chinese version, the father and child pairs don’t go on trips for a year like in the Korean version. Season 1 was filmed only during the winter. I wish I could see more of Kimi and Angela. Those two are madly adorable.


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