Last Weekend: Hot and Humid

Humidity and I don’t mix well together. The summer weather in Southern California is usually dry except for the last weekend when it became unusually humid. At one point, it was 90% humidity. The high temperatures along with the added bonus of humidity made it almost unbearable. It gave me flashbacks to a trip to Florida and a summer vacation in Taiwan. That hot, wet, and sticky weather. It also rain a bit which was good since California needs the rain, but it was a summer rain. It cool down only a little bit, the weather was still warm and humid. Cold showers was the only way to go to deal with the heat. I could have turn on my air conditioner, but didn’t want to pay the high electricity bill for it. Only my ceiling fan and tower fan were on full blast.

The hot and humid weather made me very lazy. I didn’t want to do anything around the house even though I should be cleaning parts of my house. All I really did was take long naps underneath the ceiling fan. Well, it was more like I passed out asleep. I had to forced myself to go out and have dinner with my friend or I will become a hermit. Good thing I went outside because we ate at a great Italian trattoria. Everything was freshly prepared and the restaurant prided itself that they don’t have a walk-in freezer. It is one of those places where the menu is change daily depending on what fresh ingredients were bought that day. I had a pork cotoletta (so crispy!) and it was the best food I ate all week. The hot weather also made me a lazy cook. What I mostly ate were instant ramen, some fruits, and a lot of fruit popsicle. Tortilla chips and salsa for dessert. Yes, very healthy kind of food.

I hope this upcoming weekend is not that humid again. The hot temperature is fine, I can deal with it. It’s the humidity that I cannot handle. How do people in Florida deal with it? Or is that why there are always some crazy news coming out of Florida?


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