Fall Semester is Almost Here

In a couple of weeks, the fall semester will begin. This will be my fifth semester at the university since transferring from Cypress College. If everything goes as plan, next fall semester will be my last semester at Cal State Fullerton. Almost there! (Note to self: apply for graduation during this semester)

My general education requirements are finished and I finally completed all the upper-division classes for my business administration major. The only classes that are left are the upper-level economics classes for my business economics concentration, global business class (International Business Finance), and the capstone course which is the Seminar in Strategic Management. Yes, very fun classes. I actually made a spreadsheet for all the classes that I have to take to graduate. It is much better than writing it down on my notebook and promptly forgetting where I put that notebook. I must thank Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston who invented the first spreadsheet. Spreadsheet is the best.

Let’s hope I can make it through this upcoming fall semester. I am taking two classes online and one class on-campus. The fun online classes are International Business Finance and the International Economy. Huh, I didn’t realize that both online classes are about the international subject until now. The exciting on-campus class is Economics Research Methods. This should definitely be exciting, right? It’s my business economics concentration requirement that I have to take, so I can take the upper-level economics classes. These are not easy classes and I hope I can pass the classes. I will have to remind myself not to be lazy and procrastinate. Stay motivated for the next four months.

Oh, why did I choose business economics as my concentration? Why didn’t I pick management or marketing like everyone else?

Few Instagram photos that I took around campus during the previous semesters. 

Windy. Monday night class. #mihaylo #csuf

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Pink sunset #csuf #fullerton #vscocam

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