OC Fair

It had been a few years since I went to the OC Fair. Maybe three years? This year, we went on the last day of the fair. Instead of driving our cars to the fair, we took the bus. Yes, an actual OCTA bus! OCTA was running a direct bus service promotion called the OC Fair Express where the buses go directly to the fairground from eight locations around Orange County. It was convenient and inexpensive. The price of a round-trip bus pass was $4 per person. They also gave us coupon for $3 fair admission which was a $9 discount. That meant more money for food and drinks!

Sadly, I didn’t take any photos of the fair foods that I ate because I was too busy eating it. One of this year’s new fair foods was fried chicken skin. It reminded me of chicharrones, the fried pork rinds, but better tasting. After that, I shared something called Tasti chips which are made to order potato chips with my friend. They were seriously good. Those two were the only fair foods that I ate because I got full from drinking two large size cups of aguas frescas (watermelon and cantaloupe). It was hot that day and I was thirsty. The aguas frescas hit the spot. For dessert, I had a fruit cup with slices of watermelon, mangoes, and cucumber. It went from unhealthy to super healthy at the end. There was no more room for funnel cakes, bacon wrapped turkey leg, or that Texas size donuts.

My favorite highlight at the fair was seeing a mama pig giving birth to her 10th piglet. Gross and fascinating at the same time. All that birth stuff made the piglet looked like a slimy alien. After all that stuff was wiped off, an adorable piglet appeared. All ten piglets are too adorable. A lot of oohs and aahs.

newly born piglets

Another highlight was watching the camel milking demonstration. I think I’ve fallen in love with camels. They are the sweetest things, like big puppies. They have a 7 months old baby camel named Howser after Huell Howser. I love that because Huell Howser was an icon to California. Anyway, camel milking is actually kind of nutty procedure because the mama camel will only milk for her baby and the milking only last ninety seconds.

camel milking

It’s no wonder camel milk is priced very high. Dairy camels will only milk twice a day and for ninety seconds. You have to watch the baby sucking on the teat, once the baby starts sucking on one, it is game time to milk the camel. Camel milk is also surprisingly very white. They said hospitals use camel milk for infants because it is the closest to the human mother’s milk. It is on my bucket list to visit Oasis Camel Dairy in San Diego County to pet and cuddle with their camels. Camels are probably one of the coolest animals on earth. They can survive anything and are just so sweet. Also, they make a lot of funny facial expressions.

silly camel

I noticed that a lot of photos that I took at the fair consisted of mostly animals. We did go inside a petting zoo and went wild in there. I was too busy petting the little pigs. It was hard to take pictures of the little pigs because they kept moving around here and there. I lost my friend in there since she was absorbed with a marsupial in a corner. She think the marsupial is a wallaby and became slightly obsessed with it. I had to get her out of that corner, so she can pet the goats, lambs, deer, llama, etc.

Before I went to the fair, my internship leader told us to check out the giant steer at the OC Fair. He was describing how huge this steer is and how much it weighed. I jokingly asked if the steer is Costco size. I had to check it out when I was at the fair and it was only $1 to see the giant steer. Even though I knew that the steer is giant, seeing it in person was mind-blowing. My friend and I were both amazed. Worth the $1. His name is White Mountain and it is obvious how he got that name. Around 3,450 lbs and 6’6″ tall at the shoulder. Apparently, his summer job is being an exhibit at several fairs in California. The rest of the year, he is hanging out at a 15 acres field in Florida. Next door, they have an exhibit for the world’s smallest horse, so we had to check it out. Again, we were also amazed by the horse because this one is so tiny and cute. A German Shepard is bigger than this horse. His name is Tiny Tim which really fits him.

We did a lot of wandering around the fair and tried to avoid bumping into people. As it got later in the evening, the fair became more packed with people. We finished our day at the fair by watching performances done by Chinese acrobats. They made it looked so easy and simple. Then it was back on the OCTA bus for the ride back to my car. Going to and from the fair was a breeze. It was easy and no stress.

Hard to believe that summer is coming to a close soon. In a couple of weeks, it is back to school.


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