Naming a Thing

Personally, I don’t name inanimate objects. The only time I named an inanimate object was my car, but I gave that up. I named my Honda Fit, Ziggy, because it can zig-zag through traffic. Except I never called my car  Ziggy since I don’t talk to it like a person. It’s just an automobile with good mile per gallon and it can take me where I want to go. I guess I don’t see the appeal to it. Also, I kept forgetting the name for it. Even now, before I wrote this post, it took me awhile to remember what was the name that I once gave my car. I remember that it started with a Z. I was confused if it was Zaggy or Ziggy. Then I remember that it was Ziggy because of that Spice Girls song, Wannabe. I gave up with the name Ziggy and I called my car the name that it was given by Honda, Fit. And it really does fit anywhere.

I know someone who named most of her inanimate objects and she even called them by their names. To me, I find that odd. Naming your pets is fine, but I don’t see a point of naming objects like stuffed toys, cars, or smartphones. So when she refer to her car by the name she gave it, I find it strange. It already has a name, they called it Camry. But what can I do or say, naming inanimate objects makes her happy. Some people like naming things and other people don’t really care about it. I suppose I am in that don’t-really-care-about-it category.


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