Flowers for Elliot

Elliot is not a flowers type of man. He thought it was strange to find a huge flower bouquet on his doorstep. What is this atrocious thing?

He picked up the bouquet to looked for any card attached to it. There was nothing to tell who is it from and if this odd flower bouquet is actually for him. What am I going to do with it?

Elliot took the bouquet back inside his house and set it down on his kitchen countertop. It’s not his birthday and there is no special occasion around this time. As he stand there inside his kitchen wondering about the mysterious person who sent him flowers, he noticed that the flowers brighten up his house. The bright colors from the petals looked lovely in his home.

He started to pottered around his house looking for a container or something vase-like to put the bouquet in it. Ah-ha! He found a water pitcher in the back of the cupboard. It’s a nice crystal one that he got as a housewarming present from his mother. He dusted it and put some water in it for the flowers. The bouquet went in the crystal pitcher and he set it on his dining table.

Hmmm, it looks pretty good. Quite nice. Elliot smiled and thought that the flowers are not atrocious anymore. For some odd reason, he stop caring who sent it. He’s happy that someone gave him flowers.


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