Unintended Crass Humor

I am currently on a summer internship for marketing. It’s unpaid, so the internship feels more like a seminar about e-marketing on Saturday mornings. On one of these Saturday morning sessions, my internship leader was giving a lecture and he was telling us about what restaurants do to retain their customers. Over here in Southern California, especially in the Orange County area, there are a lot of chain restaurants and one of them is called BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse. He went on to described how BJ’s is good with their customers and ended it by saying very excitedly, “I LOVE BJ’s!”

Majority of the interns are young and in their twenties. We looked at each other and tried our best to not laugh. Of course we knew that he meant the restaurant, but we were all thinking about the other acronym for BJ. He knew immediately that it came off a bit X-rated, but he continued on like nothing happened. Rest of us continued on like nothing happened. It didn’t help that we can’t stop laughing about it afterward. Yeah, no one in that group session have an innocent pure mind.

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