Pick Your Potion: Iced Tea

What’s my potion? Iced tea.

Don’t really have a specific iced tea that I really like, I like iced tea in general. However, I like the iced tea straight without any sweetener. I don’t understand the need to add sugar into iced tea. I like to taste the tea that I’m drinking. The only iced tea drinks that I understand why it need sugar are Boba Milk Tea and Thai Tea. Whenever I go out to eat and the server ask for my drink order, it is most likely to be iced tea. If not, it is iced water. I’m not a fan of sodas except for the new Fizzio sodas from Starbucks (Lemon Ale is my Fizzio potion). I am definitely a tea person. I rarely drink coffee because of the weird side effects it have on me. 

Boba Milk Tea
Happy Boba Milk Tea

The iced tea that i drink the most at home is the Golden Oolong Tea from Ito En. I always buy the 2 liter bottle of it when it is on sale at the Asian markets. It’s so good when it have been chilled in the fridge. This one is probably my signature beverage because I drink it the most. Then it is the unsweetened Passion Tango iced tea from Starbucks. I really like to drink tea a lot. Iced tea is what I like the most. Not too crazy about hot tea, but I’ll drink it anyway. 

Golden Oolong Tea
Signature beverage. Best served chilled.




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