Summer’s Over

Summer is officially over for me, but I am still in a summer state of mind. Fall semester begin this week and I should have start reading the first chapters for my two online classes.  I need to do it except my mentality is still not back to school. Somehow, I need to focus my brain back to studying.

This summer felt short and I think it went by too fast. I didn’t even take an actual summer vacation. Couldn’t really take one because of my internship. The internship is  on a points based system and missing a session is a deduction in points for my team. I don’t want to do that because I want my team to win the team competition. That internship is still not over yet. September is going to be a hectic. I have work, school, and this internship. It will finally be done by the end of September.

I think I need a pint of ice cream to be motivated for school.

Thai Tea Ice Cream
My motivation

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