Back in the 1990s when I was little girl growing up in California , one of the TV shows that I watched was The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Who can forget the famous Carlton dance with the music of  Tom Jones’ It’s Not Unusual accompanying it. I used to do this dance during recess at the playground. Well, it was the Carlton or the Macarena. Ah, the nineties. I missed it a lot.

carlton dance
Carlton dancing by himself…happily.
carlton dance will smith
Carlton and Will dancing excitedly. Maybe too excitedly?

The newest season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars is here and it was announced the celebrities who are appearing for the 19th season of the show. Wait, there have been 18 seasons of this show?! Obviously, I don’t watch this show at all. Anyway, one of the new cast members is Alfonso Ribeiro, the actor who played Carlton! That got me excited and I might have to start watching this season. It begins on September 15th and I’ll be rooting for Alfonso all the way.

Another celebrity from the 90s who I had a big crush on is also appearing on the show. Antonio Sabato, Jr! Remember his Calvin Klein ads?

CK antonio sabato jr

This new season of Dancing with the Stars might be fun to watch. It also have Tavis Smiley which is a bit of an odd choice. Imagine him doing jazz hands and wearing sparkles dance costumes.


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