Second #RoyalBaby

Today’s daily prompt,
to become heir to the throne
or the off-the-hook
sibling? That’s the prompt today.

The Palace announced
the Duchess is expecting
a second baby.
That is an exciting news!
Maybe it will be a girl.

What is my answer?
Never wanted to be an heir.
Off-the-hook is great,
less pressure when further from
the throne. Heir to throne, not fun.

Be like Prince Harry,
he’s not a spare anymore.
Have an easy life
as lesser Royal member.
Off-the-hook is the best choice!

That is my answer
to today’s daily post prompt.
Being an heir, not bad.
Being off-the-hook is better.
More play, more fun, less pressure.

Did today’s daily prompt in tanka. More than one tanka in a poem is called choka. Writing poetry is not easy.

Edited (9/10/14): Made a few revisions, so it actually follow the tanka format of 5-7-5-7-7. 


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