Everything’s Economics

Economics have been on my mind. I have to read chapters about economics, trade, and international finance. The thing is that I really need to read those chapters because exams are coming up soon. Is there a way to read without falling asleep mid-way?

Sometimes I wonder why I choose Business Economics as my concentration. It’s not that easy even though it seems like it is easy.  I like that I  can choose any economic electives except those classes are hard.  For the next spring semester, I was thinking of taking three economic classes to finish up the electives. That will leave me only one class to take for my final fall semester, the required capstone class, Seminar in Strategic Management. I am rethinking that idea. Will I be okay with a semester full of economics classes?

I still have some time to think about the spring semester. My focus should be the classes I am taking this semester. Since my internship is finally over, my Saturday mornings are free again and I can use it to study. I can’t slack off. My GPA have to be over 3.50 by the time I graduate. I want a cum laude or magna cum laude on my degree.

I am wondering if I should take another internship in the spring. It will be difficult because of the classes I am taking along with my job. If I do, I would have to find a part-time internship. Summer is always a lot easier. I don’t take classes and it’s easy to arrange my work schedule. Well, more time to think about that.

What I know for sure is that I need to leave my job as soon as I graduate. And I need to start studying for my classes. Starbucks and school library will soon to be my second home.



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