Lost in KDramaLand

Had a weekend where I did absolutely nothing productive unless doing two loads of laundry and going to Trader Joe’s to restock my fridge counted as productive. I ended up watching two different Korean dramas and sort of got lost in KDramaLand.

After spending almost two weeks madly studying for my finance and economic exams, I needed a break from reality. There is no better way than watching some Korean dramas. I’m lucky that I live in an area where international channels are available over the air (LA 18.2 and 18.3!) and I get to watch Asian dramas. One day I happened upon a Korean drama called Fated to Love You and the lead actor (Jang Hyuk) drew me in with his intense persona. Knowing that this drama already finished airing in South Korea, I went online to see if I can stream it. Yup, it is available with English subtitles at ViKi.

Fated to Love You Kdrama

Turned out that Fated to Love You is very popular and this drama is based on a Taiwanese drama with the same name. This drama has 20 episodes and I practically watched all of the episodes on ViKi. Yeah, I cheated a little bit by skipping ahead at some scenes. Sometimes the pacing was a bit too slow. Otherwise, it is one of the better Korean dramas that I had seen so far. It had a Shakespearean feel to it with the drama, comedy, and tragedy. Anyway, I was blown away by Jang Hyuk’s acting and his good looks. I had to find out what other dramas he was in and I found he was in the lead role in Chuno which I need to start watching soon. By the way, did everyone in the Korean acting industry had a role in Chuno? It sure seemed like it. Beside Chuno, he was in another historical period drama called A Tree with Deep Roots.

tree with deep roots kdrama

I practically spent all Sunday watching A Tree with Deep Roots. I am such a sucker for historical period dramas because of the costumes and scenery . This drama is interesting because the story is about the creation of the Korean alphabet. Jang Hyuk did another good job in his role as the most pessimistic man in Joseon. I had to hand it to him, he sure can emotionally cried a lot. The acting that stood out for me the most is the actor, Song Joong Ki, who played the young King Sejong. He was only in it for 3 or 4 episodes and he left such a deep impression. I didn’t know who he is and I learned through the internet that he is one of those young cute Korean actors that a lot of girls have a crush on. Apparently he was in Running Man. I’ll have to watch some Running Man episodes with him in it later.

I felt that A Tree with Deep Roots should have been around 15 episodes instead of 24. There were too many filler episodes and I really didn’t care about that Hidden Root guy. I definitely cheated watching this drama since I started to lose interest at the 14th episode. I just skipped through a lot of scenes and few episodes. By watching the final episode, I can figure out what happened earlier. I’m not into the American-style happy ending, so I like that almost everyone died at the end. Except for King Sejong. I really did like that married couple relationship between King Sejong and Mu Hyul. It was cute.

So there I was getting lost in KDramaLand by watching Fated to Love You and A Tree with Deep Roots. I still need to watch that Chuno soon. It’s all your fault, Jang Hyuk. I even watched the Running Man episodes with Jang Hyuk as the guest. Jang Hyuk with his good looks and impressive acting. His laugh as Lee Gun in Fated to Love You was crazy annoying though. Good thing it is not his real laugh.

Chuno Slave Hunter Kdrama
I really need to watch this drama

6 thoughts on “Lost in KDramaLand”

  1. Lol! This was funny! I recently rewatched Tree With Deep Roots and while I like most of it I still don’t care for the “hidden root” guy either! Fated to love you has quickly become one of my favorite dramas in general! Yes, like Zhaoul I also highly recommend Thank You. I hope you keep watching more Jang Hyuk dramas and movies 🙂

    1. Fated to Love You was fun to watch and the two actors have great chemistry together. Yeah, that Hidden Root guy was not that interesting even though the actor was awesome at switching his two characters.

      1. Yes, the actor did a good job but the character still felt one dimmensional. I think they writting failed somehow with his character or maybe the directing. It bugged me that even if he made some logical arguments, at least from his POV he didn’t seem to care for anyone. There was no internal conflict. He seemed like just a fanatic. He only showed some humanity when she ordered the little girl killed and asked it to be painless. In reality a leader can be pushed to certain limits for the greater, it would’ve been interesting if we could understand Ga Ri On the same way we understood the King’s tough decisions.

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