Halloween Week

It’s hard to believe that Halloween is coming up this Friday. I am still surprised how fast this year went by for me. Once Halloween is over, the holidays shopping really begins. Yikes.

I’m thinking of buying my dog a Halloween costume. Don’t know what kind though. Few years ago, I bought him a costume and he was dressed up as an old timey Wild West sheriff. Maybe I’ll just make him wear his old costume. Or I’ll make him wear his Halloween theme bandanna that his groomer put on him.

Usually on Halloween night, I pretend to not be home by turning off all the lights in the house and watched movies on my laptop in my room. I don’t have candies for the trick or treaters because I don’t like opening the front door. Plus, I am a cheapskate. I don’t want to buy a big bag of candies. This coming Friday night, I am going to make plan to go out and have dinner with friends. But where to go? Korean BBQ? That Taiwanese place – Class 302? Hot pot?


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