Happy Halloween

That day is here. The weather gods must have heard me talking about the lack of spooky atmosphere during Halloween. It is cloudy today with 70% chance of rain. RAIN! Water is going to fall from the sky! This is very exciting news for us here in drought-stricken California. We need some serious rain here.

This cloudy weather is perfect for Halloween. A neighbor in my complex is going to have a Halloween party in the clubhouse. They went all out in decorating for the party last night. I was walking my dog this morning when I went past the clubhouse and a mannequin almost scared me. Someone put a mannequin in the entrance to the clubhouse and it looked almost life-like. It was one of those scary Halloween mannequin that supposed to look like a monster or a zombie. Not sure what it suppose to be exactly. These people must love Halloween. They even bought bales of hay as decoration.

If I was kid again, I would have like going trick or treating in this kind of weather. Cloudy with some rain and cool weather. It does make Halloween somewhat spooky. Since I am an adult, I am hiding from the trick or treaters and going out to have shabu shabu for dinner. That’s my Halloween.


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