Recently, I stepped on the scale to see how much I weighed. Last time I did this was nearly two years ago. The number that greeted me then was dreadful. Almost depressing. Since then, I’ve avoided that scale in my bathroom.

This time around when I weighed myself, the number is less dreadful. I thought I was around the same weight as last time, but it is lower than I expected. My current weight is still not an ideal weight for someone with my height and age, but I can work on it. The fact that I had lost some weight is nice to know. Now, I just have to lose even more excess pounds to a healthy weight.

In the back of my mind, I knew I need to be more active, but I’m such a lazy bum. The only cardio workout I was doing was walking my dog. I should try jogging or running again, but I don’t  like doing it. I did enough running during my Army days. And I dislike going to the gym. It took me until this year to do something outdoorsy such as hiking.

I joined a Meetup hiking group for an afternoon hike at Weir Canyon in Anaheim Hills two weekends ago. First time hiking after several years. It was a seven miles hike, round trip, and a major shock to my system. Somehow I managed to survived the hike, but my legs and feet were screaming at me for several days. I knew I was out of shape, but that hike was the realization how out of shape I am. Despite the pain and soreness, I really enjoyed the hike because the scenery was incredibly beautiful. It got me thinking that hiking is an activity I can do on the weekends. Also, it’s  a chance to explore the outdoors in Orange County because there are a lot of hiking trails out here. Best part of hiking is that it’s a cardio exercise that doesn’t feel like it. I’m down with that.

I am quite motivated now to go out and hike. Since that seven miles hike, I have done two smaller and easier 2 to 3 miles hikes. It is better if I condition myself before I go on another seven miles hiking jaunt. I even bought a pair of hiking shoes (on clearance!) because my running shoes are not going to cut it for hiking. Those trails can be quite scary.

I’m ready for outdoor adventures with the side benefit of getting a good workout.

These were the only two pictures I took from that seven miles hike in Weir Canyon. Beautiful, isn’t it?


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