Rimcrest Trailhead

My first hike was this 7 miles loop in this beautiful wilderness park in Anaheim Hills that is hidden from view. I love the hike, but it was really too much for someone who was very new to hiking. Maybe in a few months, I will do this hike again.

Due to my work and school schedule, I can only hike during the weekends. I prefer to hike in the early morning when it is cool, but I would also hike in the early evening when it is starting to cool down. This is what I did two Saturdays ago, I decided to do a relatively easy 3 miles hike called the Little Canyon loop in Chino Hills State Park. This park closes at 7 pm, so I went around 5:30ish to Rimcrest Trailhead which is located in a residential neighborhood in Yorba Linda.

South Ridge Trail

The sign at the trailhead informed visitors that they’re on South Ridge Trail and different warnings about mountain lions and rattlesnakes. Right behind the sign is a hiker only trail called Easy Street Trail. I almost missed the sign for Easy Street Trail because it was sort of hidden and the trail for it is really narrow.

Easy Street Trail

Above is the Easy Street Trail.  I guess it could be called a short cut to Telegraph Canyon Trail since it goes directly straight to it. It was a very quiet and almost eerie when I was hiking through it. My mind became imaginative and I kept thinking that a mountain lion is going to surprise me out of nowhere. I had on my new hiking shoes on which was great because I can walk really fast without any fear of sliding or losing my footing. Let’s just say that I power walked this trail even though the scenery was lovely. The only other people I saw on this particular trail were three teenage girls wearing flip-flop sandals. Ah, teenagers. 

I was happy once I got on the Telegraph Canyon trail. This trail is a lot wider which can accommodates mountain bikers, horse riders, and hikers. The stretch of trail that I was on was mostly flat and not much shade. Good thing I wore a hat. It connects to the Little Canyon trail which goes to South Ridge trail. Little Canyon trail is all uphill and I had to stop a few times to take a breather. There were parts that were steeper than other and I was very glad that I wore my hiking shoes. Once I made it to the top of the South Ridge trail, the loop back to Rimcrest Trailhead was easy. Just a nice stroll with pretty views of north Orange County. Mostly of the new housing developments. At the end of hike, the sun was setting and it was time to head back home. Next time, I’m going to try the Diemer loop.

Little Canyon Trail
Looking back at Little Canyon Trail

3 thoughts on “Rimcrest Trailhead”

  1. Sounds like a great, peaceful hike. Plus, you did it, so congrats! I might check this one out when I’m in the area 🙂

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