Bommer Ridge Trail

It was my first time hiking at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. I went with a hiking club and met several people like me who are newbies to hiking. The Bommer Ridge trail was relatively easy. It wasn’t difficult, but there were few inclines. What I learned in this hike is that I need to invest in a wide brim hat. No shades at this trail.

Ocean view (Photo by Gigi)

If the marine layer have burn off, the view of the Pacific Ocean would have been spectacular. It was still a nice view. 


2 thoughts on “Bommer Ridge Trail”

  1. how was the experience and do you ever wish to make it longer ? my hikings at our village would usually start at dawn and end by dusk

    1. The hike was a group hike with mostly beginners, so it was a 2 hours hike in the morning. I haven’t done an all day hike yet. Will have to build my stamina for it.

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