Shaken & Annoyed 

I almost made it to 8 years with my car not getting into accident. Until last night. By an idiot. 

I was at the left turn lane waiting for the arrow to turn green. It turned green and I waited a good few seconds before making my left. Since the intersection is big, I made sure any last second speeder to pass through the intersection. So I thought.

As I was making my left, thinking I was good to go, a car out of nowhere hit the front end of the driver’s side of my car. I immediately rolled down the window and started yelling, “WTF?!” This idiot in his early 20s yelled at me that he had the right of way because the light was green for him. I yelled back and pointed at the still green left turn arrow that I had the green light to turn, not him. Because I was in the middle of the intersection, I made the turn and pulled over to avoid blocking the traffic. That idiot went somewhere and I assumed he did a hit and run. Thanks goodness I had a witness who was in the next lane also making a left turn. The nice gentleman gave me his number and said that he can be my witness. I asked him to make sure that the left turn arrow was green. He said it was definitely  green. 

The police arrived and he told me that they have the other car. My destination at the time was this large shopping plaza and I was so close to it when I got hit. Police officer told me to parked my car in the parking lot and he will give me a ride to where the other car is located. First time riding in the back of the police car and I’m not even in trouble. He didn’t want me to drive my car because the front end was loose and a bit dangling. 

We arrived where the other car was parked. This is when I found out that this idiot is truly so stupid. That green light that he was yelling at me about was actually for the right turn arrow. He somehow mistook the green right turn arrow for a solid green light. Did not even notice that the other traffic light signals were still on red. I cannot fathomed how a traffic signal with an arrow on it is mistaken for going straight. There was only one green light for right turn, everything else was red! I am still shaking my head over this because it is ridiculous. Not sure if this idiot had a drink or two. Or he doesn’t know how the traffic signals work here since he is not from California. What an idiot. 

Anyway, the officer gave us each other’s information and his card with the case number. He gave me a ride back to my car and helped secured the front end of my car with zip ties. I’m thankful that my car is still drivable. Idiot had to get his car towed. I was able to drive home safely. Immediately filed the insurance claim. Now, I have to wait for Monday to come around. 

Still annoyed. 

Secured with zip ties.

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