Goodbye, my black Tardis

My 2007 Honda Fit is declared a total loss. The cost of the repairs was more than the value of my car, so my insurance rather pay me for the appraised market value of my car. I guess this is a silver lining to the car accident. It’s a déjà vu because this is my second total loss. What’s different was how emotional I was when I went to the body shop to pick up my personal belongings today. I was very sad because it was my last time seeing my car. This car was such a great little car and I had it for almost 8 years. I bought it after my previous car, Honda Civic, was deemed a total loss. Both accidents were not my fault! 

I called it the black Tardis because it looked small from the outside, but very spacious inside. It was so easy to park anywhere because of its small size. Such an awesome car and it will be dearly missed. It’s too bad I won’t be buying another Honda Fit. The redesigned look is not my preference. I also think it is time to move on to another car brand. 

Top contender for my new car is the 2015 Mazda3 hatchback. In consideration are the Hyundai Elantra GT and the VW Golf S. Both are also hatchbacks. I love hatchback vehicle, my little black Tardis spoiled me! No sedans for me. 

Rest in peace, my little black Tardis. I’m sorry that idiot driver hit you because he couldn’t tell the difference between a green right turn arrow light and the red lights. 


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