My first ever new car was a 2004 Honda Civic. I didn’t picked it, my dad choose it for me. Can’t really complained since he paid for it in cash. It was the value package model where the windows and door locks were manual. It was a good first car. One of my favorite memories was yelling at my friends to lock the doors when they leave the car. I was only able to use it for a couple years before I received orders for deployment to Iraq in 2006. My parents didn’t use the Civic very often when I was gone. They did drove it to Canada once for a vacation. 

When I came back home in the summer of 2007, I drove it for a couple months before it got rear-ended on the 10 freeway near Santa Monica. Still remember that day. It was in September, during Labor Day weekend, and a lot of traffic. This idiot driver couldn’t brake in time and rear-ended the car behind me. Because the impact was so strong, that car rear-ended me and I also rear-ended the SUV in front of me. That SUV didn’t suffer from any damage. The Civic was damaged from both ends. My insurance at the time declared it a total loss because the car was relatively new and had very low mileage. That was how I got the 2007 Honda Fit. The total loss payment mostly paid for all of it and my dad chipped in for the balance, so it was another cash purchase. 

A new chapter in my cars history. Another car accident, another total loss, and another new car. This new total loss payment is able to put down a sizeable down payment toward my new Mazda 3 hatchback. No more Hondas for me. I’m switching to Mazda and according to the Consumer Report, Mazda is number 2 in car reliability. Right below Lexus. Not too bad. For the price I am getting, this 2015 Mazda 3 hatchback comes with a lot of cool features and it is super fun to drive. I also learned that my credit score is nearly perfect. Yes! I qualified for 0.9% APR for 60 months. Excited to pick up my car later today. Right after I take my last final exam. 


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